Leeloo announced the artists for the On the Wall exhibition at Finders Keepers and I happy to say that I am going to be featured. Please come an check it out on 3& 4 Dec at Carraigemworks.

We at Leeloo are happy to announce the amazing artists

that will be exhibiting their work
as part of the

On The Wall

event to be held
in conjunction with the 
Sydney Finders Keepers Market

that we all are proudly presenting!

In alphabetical order as seen above we present ::

Abby Seymour :: Alex Louisa  :: amy borrell
Amy Bortolazzo :: Anika Cook :: Bec Winnel
Bessie Nunes :: Brooke Holm :: Danielle Reck
Emma Leonard :: enyaj :: Erin Flannery
Genevieve Ryan :: Grace McKellar :: James Thomson
Jessica Hyde :: Jessica Singh :: Jordan Clarke
Kareem Rizk :: Kate McCarthy :: Kirbee Lawler
Lalita Lu :: Laura Carey :: Lauren Carney
Manuela Strano :: Matthew Roland :: Meeri Anneli
Moofus :: Natalie Perkins:: Nicholas R Eagar
Paula Mills :: Susan Simonini :: Terry Chisholm