Gallery Lane Cove , Lane Cove Sydney, 3rd April – 28th April 2013

Surroundings, an exhibition of latest works by Centrehouse Artist in Residence Laura Carey


Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Pidcock Street , Camperdown, Sydney, 30th September-5th October 2012

Group show featuring work from Laura Carey, Michael Delmar, Dilshani Jayawardene and Sam Grant

Behind the scenes, behind the screens & behind the seems.UMPH is what we think ! A collection of painting, textiles, print, illustration, installation, digital media, film and sound from four Sydney creatives.Don’t miss this collective’s debut.

This Little Teapot

Paper Planes Gallery , Rozelle, Sydney, 13th April – 1st May

Alex Louisa, Andros, Anna Mae Marquez, Aramas Ridge, Bec Winnel, Beth Josey, Burntfeather, Caitlin Rigby, Caitlin Shearer, Ellen Stapleton, Emma Kidd, Gimiks Born, Gloz, Hannah Fenton, I & The Others, Ian Mutch, Jacque Prior, Jessica Klingelfuss, Jessica Singh, Jessica Stewart, Jordan Clark, Kaitlin Beckett, Kat White, Kirbee Lawler, Kirst Ohh, Laura Carey, Lauren Carney, Lizzie Hall, Matthew Roland, Michelle Dawson, Mz Katii, Nicole Tattersall, OKAY, Qwux, Rebecca Murphy, Sarah Holmes, Tabitha Emma, TEZ, The Bold Italics, Tiger, Tony Curran, West

Fifty fist-sized teapots have met their fate at the skilled hands of a select group of established and emerging artists. With the fabulously diverse line-up consisting of painters, print makers, photographers, graphic designers, typographers, digital, textile, and street artists, there’s sure to be eye candy to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Suburban Dreams

An Exhibition of work by Laura Carey 

Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Piddock Street, Camperdown, 5th-10th April 2011

Using familiar images in unfamiliar ways, Laura Carey’s work creates a world that is instantly recognisable but at the same time allows the viewer to escape from the everyday and see the ordinary in new uncanny ways

In this way the viewer becomes witness to a Suburban Dream where people live out their quiet unassuming ambitions but the world is awash with the surreal and fantastical – where the dream becomes the dreamscape.

MCM House Art Show

MCM House,2-14 Amelia Street, Waterloo, Sydney 6th – 9th May 2010,

Over 60 artist selling work in every medium, coinciding with this years Rosemount Fashion Week this exciting art show will take place over 4 days. A celebration of established and unearthed Australian talent, displayed over 1500sq meters of blank canvas

Reality Wonderland

Group show featuring work form Niamh Dunphy, Laura Carey, Aoife Ryan and Emma Turpin

The Crow Gallery, Temple Bar, Dublin, 14th-24th August 2008

Through our “reality wonderland”, fantastical notions which may creep out between the cracks in the inter relationship between ficton and reality. By suspending disbelief we allow our imagination to deconstruct and reconstruct the world around us.

The show will aim to provide a dialogue between artists, not through collaboration, but through play, film, theatrics and sense of adventure and make-believe. We would like to create a world that allows the viewer to escape from the everyday or perhaps as a space where the viewer may see the everyday in new and uncanny ways.


Group show featuring Imelda Barnard, Laura Carey, Fiona Chambers, Rachael Gilbourne, Michelle Hall, Tracy Hanna and Sharon Murphy

The Pallas Contemprary Projects, 111 Grangegorman Road, Dublin, 22th-30th August 2008

Emerging art collective, Pallasades, present their first collaborative project; a site-specific installation that combines light with structure and shape, directing human responses to spatial presence. Using the gallery space as a temporary darkroom, low-tech photographic works signify this active engagement with the making-process.

Following Pallas Contemporary Projects’ approach to onsite work, this exhibition developed through a series of group cohabitations within the gallery. Working at length together, in some cases overnight, the experience of the space was intensified, highlighting it as an entity in its own right. Sensory deprivation, amounting to feelings of dislocation and unease, created an awareness of the absent; the lack of daylight causing a disarming perception of Time, and encouraging the innate human desire for natural light. Using materials primarily found in, and sympathetic to, the gallery space, the work emerged out of this shared experience. It is an attempt to invert negative perceptions of the space – Pallasades say, ‘Let there be Light’!

SIM -Assosiation of Icelandic Visual Artist

SÍM- House, Hafnarstræti 16, Reykjavík.

Residency show  featuring work by Laura Carey,  Aoife Ryan,  Anita Delaney

January 2008



Translations in Print

The Cross Gallery,Francis Street ,Dublin,