This is my current exhibition running at Gallery Lane Cove. I am showing new work I have made during my residency at Centrehouse Art Centre.





I am giving an artist talk and print demonstration on Tuesday 23rd at 6pm …. its all free and there will be drinks !

Gallery Lane Cove
Upper Level 164 Longueville Rd 
Lane Cove NSW 2066
Mon – Fri 10- 4.30pm
Sat 10 – 2.30pm



I have been organising and have a couple of new books featuring in the Print Stitch Staple exhibition of artist books and zines currently showing at  Gallery Lane Cove. The opening is on this Saturday 22nd at 12.30pm and im going to be running some bookmaking demos too so if you’re free come along.

 Its is a really great group show  that we have curated with over 40 different artist  from Australia /UK /US,  including my good friend Emma Turpin and her Ex Con & Weareyes  SlideProjector zines

An exhibition of artist books and zines that examines the relationship between visual art and books. No longer simple container for words, books and zines have become unique mediums for creative and artistic expression. Print Stitch Staple is an overview of how the book is being used as an artistic medium by artists of today, exhibiting a range of book art styles that artist  have used to channel their artistic expression.


Print Stitch Staple Artists:  Anna Fraser . Andrew Kim . Aura Parker . Barbara Bartlett . Beth Evans. Bernhairdine  Mueller .   Caitlin Gibson .  Chanelle Collier . Cindy Tonkin .   Chloe Ferres.  Clara Tzara.  Emma Turpin . Fayroze Lutta .  Gracia & Louise . Harriet Birks .  Jaymes Carr . Jonathan Verzosa .  Julie Bookless . Judith Wilson . Jen Fullerton . Kate Goff . Kay Lyon .  Laura Carey.  Lisa Giles. Leonie Connellan  . Mandy Beaumont. Maia Sinclair . Mechelle B.   Monica Oppen . Mr Edwards. Nicholas Beckett . Paden Hunter . Pinhole . Rebecca Gallo . Rhonda Pryor . Sarah Bodman . Sandra Winkworth.  Spoonful . Spowart & Cooper . Sweets Workshop . Tamara Lazaroff . Topla . Vicki Pearce . Wu Yao-Yu . Weareyes . Zoe Sadokiersk . Aura Parker

You  can find it at:

Gallery Lane Cove

Upper Level, 164 Longueville Road, Lane Cove

Hours: Mon to Fri, 10am-4.30pm, Sat, 10am-2.30pm

Catch 288/292 bus from QVB or Wynyard (only 10 mins by the freeway )


Clevelizabeth has been featured in the Semi Permanent  2012 Book , an inspirational publication that showcases creative talent from around the world.


“Little Boxes” on display in the Library Square Sculpture Plinth in Lane Cove.


Rizzeria Relaunch Art Auction was on last Thursday at the super Oxford Design Store and I can happily say my two prints sold and went towards the total of $800 that they made on the night. Now that there up and running I’ll have to get in and do some new prints.

Contributing artists!

Arcade Screen Printing, Lucas Ilhein, Racket, Leigh Rigozzi, Claire Orrell, Austvina Phan, Irit Pollak, Josie Cavallaro, David Harris, Therese Geronimo, George Rose, Laura Carey ,Alice Amsel, Shanta, Steve Woods, Bad Cop, Bad Cop

I have two new pieces in the next exhibition The Beautiful & The Damned at The Lightbulb Lounge Room, 58 Wallis Parade, North Bondi NSW 2026. Its Opening this weekend, so if your around Bondi have a look.

I am part of  a new group show at Gallery Lane Cove and our opening night soiree is March 30 6pm, we will have some great art along with music, mimes, food and drinks , so please come on down.

I have come to believe that a great teacher is a great artist and that there are as few as there are any other great artists. Teaching might even be the greatest arts medium since the medium is the human mind and spirit – John Steinbeck.

TEACHING ART is an exhibition that represents the work of the artists that teach at Centrehouse Arts Centre. Teaching art is an important part of many artists practice. This is a shared experience and we see how the interaction of helping others learn, explore and create are inextricably linked.

These artists teach a range of topics for adults and children, from printmaking and painting to pottery and drawing here at Centrehouse Arts Centre. In this exhibition we will see a range of work from oil on canvas by Davis Pavich, etching and woodblocks by Bernhardine Mueller, acrylics on canvas by Cilla Davis and Lyn Francis and Marie James,  screen prints by Laura Carey and water colours by Jane Blundell and gouache on paper by Jann Dark.

The exhibition runs 31 March – 21 April

Mon – Fri 10-4.30pm, Sat 1–2.30pm

Gallery Lane Cove

164 Longueville Road, Lane Cove 2066















So in belated news for the new year, I’m currently the artist in residence at The Whitehouse in Kensington until the end of March so if you’re in the area you can go in and check out my work.

Also you can now purchase some of my prints at the new Oxford Design Store that has just opened on Oxford Street just down from Taylor’s square. The Design Store is a place for local designers, artists, creatives and writers to sell their work with one condition – nothing can be sold for more than $20! So everyone can afford something and may I say they have a whole range of nice things (quite a few that I want myself ) so if you’re in the city do pop in and have a look …..possibly even buy a print